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Passive Income Featured Investment

Marketplace Square
(152 Units, Atlanta, GA)

Average Annualized Returns: 17%
Average Annual Cashflow: 10%
Total Projected Return: 109% (6 years)
Capex Improvements: $960,000

Why Multifamily Real Estate?


In a well run complex the rent tenants pay covers all expenses and generates profit for the owners


Commercial real estate has outperformed the stock market over long periods of time and with less volatility

Property Appreciation

Long-term wealth is created by the property increasing in value

Tax Benefits

Owners enjoy the tax benefits of owning real estate and can use depreciation to keep more profits


Using leverage, you can purchase $40M of property with only $10M cash


The tenants pay down the debt, which increases owner equity, creating long-term wealth


Portfolio Value (MM)

Multi-family Units

Capital Raised (MM)

How It Works

We Acquire Properties

We work with stellar partners to find great deals, negotiate the purchase, and finance the properties

You Invest

Investors become partners in the ownership of the actual property

We Manage Everything

We oversee the property managers, who collect the rent from tenants and manage the property

You Receive Passive Income

We do all the work while you sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of  passive income


What Others Say About Us

"The professionals at Patona Equity are highly knowledgeable multifamily investors. If you're looking for quality, vetted investment opportunities, Patona Equity is an excellent resource."

Patrick Duffy

President / Tactical Asset Management

"I have worked with Tom in commercial real estate transactions for two years and have seen him operate and manage assets with great attention to detail. As an Operator, Tom is familiar with the careful process that's required to determine whether a deal is truly a 'deal'."

Drew Kniffin

President / Kniffin Capital Group
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