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10 Reasons To Love Multifamily

10 Reasons To Love Multifamily

One of the best ways to create stable, double-digit passive returns is investing in commercial multifamily assets. Here are 10 reasons to consider this asset class in your portfolio: Consistent monthly cashflow, like clockwork, for a worry-free retirement One of the...

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How Investors Make Money In Multifamily

How Investors Make Money In Multifamily

When you invest in commercial multifamily properties, you're getting a real estate investment that makes your money work for you in not one, but multiple ways, which makes it one of the smartest investments you can make. Here a quick overview of the 5 ways apartment...

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Passive Income Featured Investment

Marketplace Square
(152 Units, Atlanta, GA)

Average Annualized Returns: 17%
Average Annual Cashflow: 10%
Total Projected Return: 109% (6 years)
Capex Improvements: $960,000


Portfolio Value (MM)

Multi-family Units

Capital Raised (MM)

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